TERMINE 2023/2024



Flonheim schenkt ein!

05. November 2023

12.00 bis 18.00 Uhr


am Trullo

Freitag, 19.04.2024

ab 18.00 Uhr


Trullo in Flammen

Samstag 20.04.2024

ab 14:00 Uhr   





Tel: 06734/8714

oder 6401



Wir freuen uns über diese tolle Auszeichnung!

Regional Winner - Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences - Mainz | Rheinhessen

WineFlow stands for high-quality offers in Flonheim, which is well developed for tourism. Hotels, restaurants, excellent vinotheques and members of the Generation Riesling have joined forces to form WineFlow since 2012. The companies work together to make Flonheim and Rheinhessen more attractive for tourists.

"Trullo in Flames" is a wine hike through the vineyards around the village with six different stops. The destination is the illuminated Flonheim trullo with food and wine stands of the winegrowers.

"Flonheim schenkt ein" is a late year wine presentation in the courtyards and vinotheques of the wineries. Thus, guests can taste the variety of Flonheim wines - and for the variety of WineFlow's offers the jury awarded the association with the 2021 Best Of Wine Tourism-Award in the category "Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences."